“We cannot know the consequences of suppressing a child’s spontaneity when he is just beginning to be active…That humanity which is revealed in all its intellectual splendor during the sweet and tender age of childhood should be respected with a kind of religious veneration. It is like the sun which appears at dawn or a flower just beginning to bloom. Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

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Small World Montessori is an excellent education option that is going to prime your children for scholastic success if you are searching for a Montessori school in Dumont NJ. Sending your kid to preschool is an emotional experience. It shouldn’t be a challenging and difficult process to determine which preschool to send them to. If you’re making this important selection, make sure you remember to consider Montessori schools. The goal of Montessori schools such as Small World Montessori is making certain your children can grow and evolve as a result of the independence and real world skills they foster.

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If you’ve already been looking into private preschools, you have probably heard of the trend of Montessori school in Dumont NJ. However, this is far from the case. Districts and schools spend thousands of dollars on new math and reading programs only to discover two years later, there’s something better out there. This is because they’re going to frequently jump from one trend to another. When it comes to your child’s learning and growing environment, this is capable of making it confusing and challenging. Montessori schools don’t flip-flop between programs because they don’t have to. It doesn’t matter what the student’s socio-economic status is or what country it’s being taught in. It has been demonstrated that Montessori education is exceptionally effective. Maria Montessori developed a philosophy many years ago that still works for children in the present day. The knowledge and tools used by Montessori private schools have been around for centuries. They are still used today as a result of how effective they truly are.

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You may be curious what a Montessori school in Dumont NJ is all about when you’re trying to make the best selection for your child. In the event you haven’t heard of this type of school you may be surprised to find out that it goes back to 1907 with Italian educator and philosopher, in addition to being a humanitarian and physician, Dr. Maria Montessori. Placing an emphasis on self directed learning was a crucial factor she focused on as part of her method. She additionally stressed the fact that physical activity was useful for more than just exercise and was key for the child’s education as a whole. Learning abstract concepts is simpler for young students when physical activity is properly integrated into their day. An additional advantage of this method is that they’re capable of learning more practical skills. A key variable to which has to be taken into account with Montessori education is definitely environment. This teaching method states that teachers need to work hard to provide an environment which is going to suit the child’s learning and development as opposed to a child being forced to adjust to an environment which is less than ideal for their education. This approach to education spread throughout many areas of the world as Dr. Montessori traveled and instructed others on how to best instruct children, and now it’s more popular than ever. Contact us at Small World Montessori to learn more if you’re interested in Montessori preschools in Dumont NJ and want to ensure the absolute best for your child.

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Striving to meet your child’s requirements is consistently the top priority at Small World, making us the perfect choice for a Montessori preschool in Dumont NJ. If truly learning and reaching their full potential is to be possible for children they need to receive the proper stimulation. Traditional academic learning has its place, but it is not the main focus of this type of education. The abilities and motivation that will lead to academic learning along with a love for learning in general will instead be addressed in a wide variety of ways by getting to the heart of the issue as your child is developing. When they may be older, the children are going to have become better learners when they were completely engaged in what they were learning when they were younger. They will be driven to learn not out of desire to please the teacher or complete tasks, but for the joy and pleasure of learning itself when the teacher ensures the child’s stimulation in this manner. This will serve them all throughout their life in a lot of areas. The environment the child learns in should be ensured to be conducive to this experience, which will be a primary focus of any Montessori school, but especially Small World Montessori. One of the reasons you can always rely on Small World Montessori is because of the importance of locating instructors that are both experienced and familiar with the Montessori method. Our director was trained at a school dedicated to the Montessori technique and has over 25 years of experience. We have been the first choice of many parents looking for a top Montessori in Dumont NJ and have been serving the educational requirements of young children since 1987.

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As a top choice for a Montessori school in Dumont NJ, fostering independence is a top priority. A Montessori school is unlike a regular public school in that everything it does is geared towards fostering your children’s independence. Whereas in a large number of cases an adult would do particular things for a child, our school is prepared to permit the child to do it for themselves. Motivations for learning in this case don’t need to be dictated by a teacher but rather they can be discovered for themselves. When they discover their own motivation for learning, rather than the stepwise directions of the teacher, much better results occur. When children are capable of doing something for themselves instead of asking an adult you’re going to see an excellent amount of pride. A Montessori preschool classroom in provides a prepared environment where kids are capable of developing independence. Among the advantages of Montessori preschools is that materials are designed to be self correcting. Without having an adult point it out, children are taught to identify errors in their thinking. The power to ask for assistance when they require it is available to Montessori school students, and won’t have to have an adult tell the child when they require help. When this happens, the students start to realize that they can do more things for themselves thanks to the intelligence and ability they develop. An incredible boost in confidence is given to your child as a result and they can feel more empowered. To put it simply, Small World Montessori in we help to prepare your child for a life in the real world better than a typical public school system.

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If you’re trying to find private schools in Dumont NJ and are hoping to learn more about what we are all about or even take a tour, all you have got to do is call us today.


Mrs. Robins is an outstanding teacher. She has created a structured yet nurturing environment in which young minds can thrive mentally and emotionally. All four of our children graduated from Small World Montessori and we couldn't be happier with the experience. (children attended between 1988 and 2005)

Mehmet and Lisa Oz, Dr. Oz & Family

This school is a very serious place. Your child will be learning how to learn in peaceful, ordered and organized environment. But, it is much more than that. When you visit your child, you will start to feel the school's serenity come over you, and you know this is a rare find in today's turbulent world. That serenity will slowly but surely fill your child's heart. But wait, there's more to it. After a year or two you will realize this place is an extended family.
You will find that teachers and the principal deeply care about your child, as if it were their own child, niece or grandchild. You will know they actually understand your traffic jam, business difficulty, whatever. You will start to feel blessed with your luck to have found it. And, after your child leaves, it will be clear that they had the best possible start. Our two daughters sure did. Thank you Small World!!!

Jelena Musabegovic,

We are extremely pleased with the staff and with the quality of instruction that our daughter has received at Small World Montessori School (SWM) since September 2009.
My husband and I researched many preschools before selecting SWM and have been very satisfied with our decision. As a clinical early childhood social worker, I've worked with the preschool population for the past 10 years and have toured many of the Manhattan preschools with clients looking for quality preschools. This experience assisted my selection process in that I was able to determine how dedicated and knowledgeable the director and the teachers are at SWM.
The teachers at Small World Montessori are warm, caring, devoted, and most importantly very well informed about child development. They comprehend the uniqueness of each child and are very in tuned with the needs of all the children. Our daughter is provided with individual attention when required, but ultimately encouraged to become independent and confident in achieving everyday skills. Since the beginning, our daughter's teacher has been in constant communication with us about progress, concerns, and feedback on how to respond to certain situations.
My daughter is happy, socializes well with her peers, is acquiring pre-academic skills, and is much more confident since she started attending the school. She is learning at an amazing pace and comes home eager to show off what she is learning.
The facility is extremely well kept, clean, and organized which makes it very easy for the children to navigate through the materials and feel organized themselves. We are very grateful and feel very relaxed knowing that our little girl is in very good hands.
We strongly recommend this school to parents who understand that learning is a natural phenomenon that happens when children are provided with the right structure, nurture, oversight and encouragement.

Risory Caraballo, LMSW,

Ms. Robins! Thank you for everything. You are doing such a great job and we are so happy that we found Small World last summer! I cannot express how grateful we are for everything that you do! You are one of the best teachers that I've seen in my life and I am proud to have you as Sophia's first teacher.
The performance today was amazing and it truly was one of the best things that we've seen :-)

Victoria and Michael Drugov,

Going to Ms. Robins' Montessori pre-school gave me an edge on school. I was enrolled there until Kindergarten, then I attended the local public schools thereafter. I could read before my other classmates and conceptualize certain mathematic models more easily. But most of all, I was well behaved - something that my teachers greatly appreciated. I excelled all throughout school with great study habits and accomplished my goals I set out to do. I ended up second in my graduating class and I am now attending the University of Pennsylvania.
If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not only did I develop a great basis for understanding how to grasp difficult concepts, but I also learned how to socialize properly too. If you ask me what I got out of my Montessori education: it primed me with an exceptional foundation that affects who I am today.
Oh yeah, and I also found my best friend of 17 years.

Lydia Gau, Former SWMS Student,

Small World was where I had my last tantrum. It's where I learned to function as an only-child and where I evolved into an adolescent and then an adult. Up until that afternoon of my last tantrum, the world was mine. I was a three year old creative spirit run wild.
But on that autumn day, my world changed. Suddenly everything was not about what I wanted when I wanted it. There were other people like my mom and dad who wanted things too. Even my friends wanted things. I may not have wanted to leave school and my friends that particular afternoon but there was limited time to run errands and do grocery shopping.
Ms. Robbins made it clear to me and my mother that my mother's needs should come first. For the first time it was evident that it wasn't all about me and my tyrannical post toddler dictations. There was an entire world functioning separate from myself and it was high time I joined it. 'Be Sensible. Concentrate' were The Small World mantras. To this day I am reminded of those commanding sentences and every day I still apply them to my life.
(Larisa Berger is currently a Junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying computer science and creative writing.)

Larisa Berger, Former SWMS Student,

We are the families of Small World Montessori School’s Class of 2016. Among us, we have 18 Small World students, 7 alumni, 9 in the graduating class, 2 still attending. Why do we send all our children to Small World? Because the school is phenomenal. The teachers are all very experienced and devoted to our children. Open communications with parents are always emphasized and do not stop even if the child has graduated. We have all witnessed the differences in our children as the results from working with the staff.
One parent was once a Small World student herself. “The whole basis of my education lies with her (Mrs. Robins) and the things I learned at this school. Montessori children are not like the rest, we think outside the box, we are problem solvers, we have empathy and we love to learn.” We all agree. And even though academic skills are never emphasized, somehow the children excel academically. Most of them are at first grade level by the end of kindergarten.
The world is a complicated place and our children are at a crossroads. We know under the loving care of Small World, our children developed core values and character that will help them succeed as they venture out into the Big World. What’s more, we take comfort in knowing that our children can always come back to Small World. The school will always be a place that they can call home, a place that they can feel safe. Just ask our older kids.
We are proud, and truly feel blessed that our children belong to the Small World Montessori School’s family.